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Once upon Inuman session

Nagtititingin ako ng mga pictures sa photobucket ni D kanina. Wala lang browse browse ng onti. Tapos napansin ko merong tag dun na ang nakalagay e Mark’s Birthday 06. Ba ayos kako matignan nga.
Okey naman ung mga piktyur. Andun yung mga kaopisina ni D. Mukhang masaya naman ang birthday ko. Pero teka?! Teka muna. Bat ganun?! Wala akong ni isang picture e birthday ko nga un??
Natawa tuloy ako nung naalala ko yung nangyari.
Mangyari kasi e maagang dumating yung isang barkada ko sa opisina. Ayos lang naman kasi me pagkain na namang naluto. E yun kain kami. Tas wento-wento tungkol sa trabaho. e walastik paglipas ng ilang oras e wala na kaming mapagusapan. Ayaw naman naming kumain uli dahil nga busog pa. Isip tuloy kami ng gagawin. Mag computer na lang tayo kako. E adik din sa laro yun kaya punta kami. 

Langya puno ng tao. Correction, puno ng bata. Bakasyon yun kaya ung mga batang makukulit e walang inaatupag kundi maglaro. Balik tuloy kami sa bahay. Inom na lang daw kami sabi ng loko. Maaga daw sya uuwi kasi me curfew sa kanila. Ba ayus Cinderella dating. Haha!
Syempre ako naman tong si HRM kuno e nagtimpla ng “Puñeta” (no joke yan talaga yung pangalan ng concoction na yun.)
nagpabili ako ng ingredients sa suking tindahan. nagtimpla. at Inumpisahan na ang inuman.
Tingin ko di naman kami malalasing as long as we drink in moderation. E ang problema iba ata ang definition ng moderation nung araw na yun. Naka dalawa’t kalahating pitsel kami. Di ko nga rin malaman kung pano naming naubos.
Alas sais na at wala pa ring bisita. Baluktot na rin magsalita si opismeyt. Ayoko pa syang malasing kaya ng offer pa ko ng pagkain. Meron namang inihaw at caldereta sa harap namin pero di ko maintindihan kung bakit sya nanghihingi ng asukal. Ipupulutan daw. Huh? Lasing na nga ata. hehe.
Sinasabihan na din ako ni D na namumula na ko kada daan nya. pero feeling ko naman wala pa kong amats.
After an hour ubos na yung iniinom namin. Hinatid ko na rin si Cinderella sa sakayan. Naligo na rin ako para fresh pag nag datingan ang mga bisita.
Tapos di ko na alam ngyari. Umakyat daw ako sa kwarto para matulog. Syet senglot na pala ko di ko pa alam. Pinuntahan daw ako ni D tsaka ni Ivan (pinsan nya) para bumaba at I-usher ung mga tao (natural mente birthday ko yun e) pero ayaw ko daw tumayo. Nagsasasalita pa daw ako ng kung ano. Walastik! Nakakahiya talaga syet! Kung binugbog nga nila ako ng araw na yun bukas ko pa malalaman sobrang lasing.
Ang resulta ng birthday??
Enjoy naman ako… enjoy din ang bisita… di nga lang kami ngkita-kita sa party. hehehe. 
mark paul

Naming Game

If you call me Paul, you’re from Pitney bowes.
If you call me Person, you’re Tutei
If you call me Oist or Hoy, you’re Harry.
If you call me Markee, you are Leanne.
If you call me Sir Mark, you’re one of my CAT cadets
If you call me be or sweet, you’re my wife.
If you call me Dad you’re either Marco or Jade.
If you call me Kambal, you’re one of my childhood friend.
If you call me Macky boy you’re Jeanne Bendaña.
If you call me Mark Paul, you’re Angel Seneñeres.
If you call me Bes, you’re Jackie Hije.
If you call me Mr Garcia. You’re a professor from my university.
And if you call me Mark, you’re from EPT.
(Thanks for the Idea Ging…)
mark paul

The Twilight Zone?

Waaaa… I’m very very sleepy right now! I’m really tempted in putting a toothpick of some sort in between my eyelids just so they will stay open for the rest of the shift.
Yes I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Its because something bizarre happen.
Let me tell you about it….
After watching a movie at HBO, (I think it was pass midnight) I decided to call it a day and retire to bed. I closed my eyes and tried to force myself not to think of anything in hope that after few minutes I’ll be happily floating in the dream world. But I was wrong. So damn wrong.

My body is so tired and weak but my mind is still wide-awake. All sort of things race inside my mind. Every single detail that happen to me the whole day. Everything from work to food to books to movies. Everything.
Few hours later as I was about to doze off, I heard something.
Now I’m not really sure if my mind is just playing tricks on me but I kept on hearing a noise downstairs. Someone or Something kept flicking ON and OFF the bathroom light and I’m pretty darn sure that every single member of the family is upstairs. (I know, coz I’m the last one to go upstairs.)
I tried to ignore it but I can still hear the light flickering. Its like its taunting me or something.
I really wanted to check it out. Ghost or whatever I don’t care anymore. I really need to get my sleep. But as I was about to get up, it suddenly stopped… no noise. nothing. just pure eerie silence.
I waited for few more seconds just to make sure its not just playing with me but it wasn’t there anymore.  
I never heard it again. Whatever it is.
mark paul

Roti Mum...mmmm.. coffee buns!

I was actually craving for a food. This normally happens to me from time to time but the funny thing about it is I’m not sure what I’m craving for.
Most of the time I crave for a pizza but that’s not what it is. I’m actually looking for something new, different and exiting. (Doesn’t have to be expensive though) So earlier today, I took the liberty in taking a stroll inside Megamall and look for something that could satisfy my cravings.
There are lots of food choices but hey I almost tried everything they offer and I don’t want to spend big bucks on a fancy establishment. That’s when I remember that there’s a new store near PowerBooks that my friend is raving about. 

This store is none other than Roti Mum. Said to be offering “the best coffee buns in Singapore.”

I have heard these buns from friends before but never paid too much attention. “What is so great about coffee buns anyway?” I ask. Now after trying it I felt so stupid for having the thought.
Few meters away from the store, I saw a long line forming. People are making their way to give these babies a try. There was a hint of coffee flavor in the air and I love it.
The moment I got mine. I was surprise how huge it is I was curious even more to its dome like structure. I took a bite at these warm just-born bread and wow! It was soft and airy in the middle.
There is a kiss of sweetness in every bite. Good thing the coffee flavor is not empowering. (Coz if it is I’ll just get a cup from the pantry instead) Just the perfect hint I was looking for.
Inside these buns is definitely melted butter. Salted to be exact. The combination of saltiness and just the right sweetness made it even more perfect.
And where is the coffee you ask?? It’s in the breads outer frosting / crust.
For 40 pesos each, I’ll definitely come back for more and buy some for my wife and kids. :D

Roti Mum is located at:
Megamall Ground Floor, Bldg A
Beside Power Books
mark paul

Cubao’s best kept Italian secret

For the last couple of days I’ve been searching high and low for a restaurant where my wife and I could spend our post valentine dinner.
I’ve tried searching thru net and through other bloggers recommendation. Heck, I even tried to contact one private chef so he could cater for us. He’s reply was quick and he told me that he would love to cater for us. Unfortunately, The Venue in Crown Tower, Makati was booked months ago.
I’m almost ready to give up and spend our dinner in another restaurant inside the mall. 

That's until I found out that the restaurant I’m looking for is just sitting under my nose.
While browsing through the net yesterday, Dalsie my officemate, told me that she knows a place in Cubao where they serve authentic Italian food. Excellent handmade pasta and Superb desserts. She even told me that the pizza they serve there taste even better than italiannis. I was curious.
This restaurant sits inside the belly of Cubao. I still can’t believe there was a restaurant sitting there more so believe that this place existed for more than 18 years.

The owner. A true Italian that use to be a part of the infamous Paparazzi who visit the Philippines to cover the 1986 Edsa Revolution. He went to malacañang saw a gorgeous filipina approaches her and said... "I want to marry you".and so he did. He then decided to stay for good and became a restaurateur. A perfect story for Valentines Day don't you think??

How did I knew all this? I checked out the place earlier and met the owner himself. 

Im not sure how did he figure out but he approaches me and ask me if I work in a restaurant or something. Hes a very nice man and hes very warm with his guests. 

Here are some pictures. 

Fresco designed interior.

Home made thin crust pizza

On the table

House Salad

Grissini or breadstick served as appetizer.

Even the ceiling is decorated.

There are lots of better picture but I intentionally did'nt post it so as to give away
the restaurants name. (I'll stir up the mystery for my wife till saturday hehe)

Happy Valentines Everybody!
mark paul

Things about my childhood most people don’t know.

- I died upon birth. (Its true!) 

- Most of the doctors gave up and declared I was dead.

- I was revived after few hours by one of the doctors and in return lost
 her voice for a week.

- This doctor became my one of my godmother. (ninang)

- I haven’t seen her since.

- I tried sticking my finger into a running fan when I was 5.(Ouch!)

- Out of curiosity, I tried to sharpen my fingernails using a pencil sharpener when I was 6. (Now this one really hurts!

- I was almost hit by a car when I was 9.

- I was playing with candles once and accidentally burn some of my hair. (Yikes!)

- I once put some red plastic balloon goo all over my face forming it to blood and pretend I was bleeding because of an accident. 

- I scared the hell out of my grandmother after doing this. (I wonder what I was thinking then?)

- I have a twin brother. 

- We're the only twins I know that are not close. 

- I really hate it when the two of us are being compared or being dressed-up in the same manner. 

- We almost have the same gestures and voice.

- I sometimes talked to his classmates pretending I was he.

- I have a fear of heights. 

- Often times I’m doing soliloquy in public places without thinking. Scaring lots of people as result.  

- I don’t know how to swim. (oh yeah..thats something to brag about). 

- I almost drown in one of our trips. (Good thing there was a lifeguard on standby.) 

- And lastly. I broke one of my bones during my judo class. But didn’t dare to tell my dad in fear that he wont let me attend the class again. hehe.

Yes I am pretty much adventurous not to mention pretty stupid. hehe.

mark paul

Japanese Koi (MS Paint)

Im browsing at my old account in yahoo and I accidentally came across with my very first MS paint drawing. 

I was impressed when I look at it....

What do you think?? ;D

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Farewell to a friend...

Often times I wonder why lots of people hate Mondays. Of course they may say that this is again the start of yet another work-week but I often find that statement inexcusable. For me Monday is something to look forward to. Somewhat a new beginning for yet another adventurous week.

That's until I realize that my best friend's last day in the office falls on a Monday.

I was passing by your station and I saw you doing your usual stare-at-nothing habit. I'm in awe even more by the funny shape of your head. Yours is a thinker head. A massive reservoir of thoughts. You’re thinking of something solemn and I can tell. Being a bubbly person that you are, I saw something I never saw before. There was a ball of tears forming under your eyes and your always smiling face was suddenly replaced by sadness. 

I was suddenly concerned, I've known you for years and this kind of things worries me. There’s something bothering you. I know. I took caution not to arouse so much attention in the work office. After scanning if there's someone looking our way, I ask you what's wrong. I was shocked when you're answer was a stream of tears.

You told me that you’re leaving for Kuwait in two weeks. I was shocked. It took few seconds before I was able to compose myself again. I just can’t believe that after being best friends for a couple of years you are leaving for good. All sort of things swirl in my mind. Those funny memories of office mishap, you’re ever confession of office crushes and your sometimes annoying and funny dancing routine.  

Farewell my friend. I will always remember you.

Farewell to those lending ears. You are always there to listen.

Farewell to those long talks. You always strike interesting conversation.

Farewell to those laughs. Remembering those will make me cry.

Farewell to those dancing routines. Those will make me stop and smile.

Farewell my friend. And thank you

Mondays will never be the same.

mark paul

Telephone Blues....

One week before...

Hmm meron pa naman akong natitirang credit sa cellphone mabuti pa makatawag nga sa
Bahay para matanong kung kelan ba uuwi si rommel.”

Ring….. Ring….
Lola: Hello….??
Mark: O la si Mark to kelan daw uuwi si rommel???
Lola: ha??? Sino ba to??
Mark: la’ Si Mark to…
Lola: Sino??
Lola: Ibababa ko na…
Mark: What the…??
*Dial Ulit*
Ring… Ring…
Lola: Hello sino ba 2??? (galit pa tono…)
Lola: O bat ka sumisigaw?? Teka tatawagin ko.
Note to self: pag dating nga ni rommel unahing bumili ng hearing aid… Grrrr….